La Mer is a world-class beachfront destination that offers the perfect escape for city-dwellers, social butterflies and the nightlife connoisseurs. Its pristine beach and contemporary design is home to a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants and offers a unique mix of lifestyle, entertainment and residential options.

La Mer South, La Mer Central and La Mer North embrace the first freehold master-developed community in the heart of Jumeirah, called Port de La Mer. La Mer is also home to Laguna Waterpark, and Hawa Hawa – the first inflatable playground of its kind outside of East Asia.

Spanning more than 1.22 million sq. ft of existing and reclaimed land, La Mer takes inspiration from the sea in the way that it carries treasures like driftwood, rusted metal and barrels to shore and recreates this magical sight. This unique architecture and decorated outdoor space charms visitors and offers them a unique escape from the city.

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