C2 Licensed District featured in Caterer Middle East

Spokesperson: Shahram Shamsaee, CEO, Merex Investment


  1. How does C2 fit into the broader vision of City Walk as a design-inspired lifestyle destination?

City Walk is an evolving urban neighborhood that consistently creates experiences that resonate with our audience. With a growing community of residents, office-goers, and frequent visitors to City Walk (who spend at least 3-4 days a week here), C2 serves as a casual dining extension of our food and beverage offerings, enhancing visitors’ experience.

  1. Can you elaborate on the selection process for the 11 unique culinary concepts featured at C2?

Our main goal was to offer a mix of options that our audience would love. To achieve this, we introduced some popular Dubai favourites like Nola and Mythos, which aren’t available in the immediate area. We also incorporated experiences that added a sense of fun to the dining out experience, such as Brass Monkey. We anticipate that the addition of new restaurants in C2 will help us maintain this momentum, providing customers with an expanded selection, including Greek, Italian, French, and Japanese cuisines.

When selecting our 11 concepts, we carefully considered City Walk’s evolving customer demographics and dining preferences in Dubai. With 55% of our audience falling in the 18-30 age range, our aim was to provide a variety of dining choices that would appeal to this demographic. Additionally, we strategically located C2 within walking distance of our residents and in close proximity, ensuring exceptional convenience for visitors, especially during evenings and weekends.

Our selection process prioritized simplicity and authenticity. We evaluated proposals from both established and emerging brands that aligned with our audience’s tastes. Our objective with C2 was to create an accessible yet chic and casual dining experience.

  1. How have you balanced indoor comfort with alfresco dining in C2’s design, particularly in the three landscaped courtyards?

In designing C2, we prioritized indoor comfort and alfresco dining harmony in our three landscaped courtyards. We incorporated abundant vegetation, including trees for natural shading, and installed pergolas with climbing creepers. These measures help reduce outdoor temperatures significantly. Additionally, our tenants have contributed by installing pergolas, parasols, greenery, and even fans in some cases. Together, these elements ensure a comfortable and inviting alfresco dining experience at C2.

  1. What can diners expect from soon-to-open restaurants like Nox and Daikan Izakaya?

Currently we have six restaurants open – Baku Café, Brass Monkey, L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Mythos Urban Greek Eatery, Nola Bijou Bistro and Bar, and Primi Cucina Italiana. An additional five exciting concepts will be opening in the coming months including:

  • Nox: Inspired by an inventive dining concept, Nox will debut in the city offering delectable dishes and cocktails for a distinctive culinary encounter.
  • Myata: Featuring a diverse international menu, Myata invites visitors on a gastronomic expedition through rich and flavourful options.
  • Rare: A fusion of New York bar and Parisian brasserie in Dubai, Rare is a vibrant steakhouse where people gather, enjoy delicious meals, and savor moments of joy with a creative and spirited approach.
  • Daikan Izakaya: Dubbed by ramen-lovers as “The best ramen in Dubai”, Daikan Izakaya’s in-house noodle production and locally sourced ingredients ensure the highest quality and freshness in every bowl.
  • La Serre: A beloved and quaint Parisian-style boulangerie, café and bistro offering hearty dishes crafted from fresh, organic ingredients sourced from farmers and artisans across Europe.
  1. What measures have been taken to make C2 easily accessible to diners from neighbouring areas like DIFC, Downtown, and Business Bay?

City Walk is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, as well the surrounding neighbourhoods of DIFC, Business Bay, Jumeirah, Downtown, and Al Wasl. We also have approximately 3,000 car parking spaces including valet parking and electric vehicle charging stations which makes it convenient for all our guests to visit City Walk.

  1. Are there any sustainable practices or eco-friendly initiatives being implemented at C2 to align with global environmental trends?

To enhance our surroundings, we’ve added an abundance of greenery in the form of local plants and flowers. Our choice of natural materials, like wood for pergolas, not only creates a warm atmosphere but also minimizes our environmental impact. Additionally, we prioritize re-use and recycling; for example, all additional lighting fixtures at C2 were repurposed from our La Mer project, currently undergoing renovation. These efforts reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility and our contribution to global sustainability endeavours, all while providing our guests with an exceptional dining experience.

  1. How do you envision C2 influencing the future of dining and hospitality in Dubai and the region?

C2 is a licensed district with indoor and outdoor seating, making it ideal for the cooler months. It was created to enhance the appeal of City Walk’s evolving mix, catering to a wider audience.

Our aim is to support our tenants, who are well-loved names in the F&B scene in Dubai. We will let them lead F&B innovation, while we play an active role as enablers.

Currently this entails leveraging our location, audience and partnerships to offer them a platform to adapt their