Destinations-J1 Beach

Introducing J1 Beach (Opening in 2024)
J1 Beach, an urban riviera developed by Merex Investment, is set to bring the finest global experiences to the shores of Dubai.
The sea-facing venue will introduce a new dimension of luxury, seamlessly blending laid-back sophistication with gastronomic innovation along one of the world’s most breath-taking coastlines. J1 Beach will feature three luxury beach clubs and 10 licensed beachfront dining establishments, providing guests with an exceptional culinary journey in a mesmerizing setting.

Experience the lush jungle-inspired ambiance of Bâoli, a destination offering contemporary Japanese cuisine. Now in Miami, Cannes, and Dubai, it’s the ultimate escape for a unique culinary journey. Visit Bâoli Dubai and embark on an extraordinary getaway.

Gigi Rigolatto
Gigi Rigolatto brings the allure of the Italian way of life to Dubai’s shores with a curated menu and intricate design, including a lush garden, private pool, Bellini bar, kids’ circus, and concept store — an extraordinary sanctuary catering to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Sirene Beach by GAIA offers a laid-back coastal experience in Dubai. Developed by industry experts, Evgeny Kuzin and Chef Izu Ani, Sirene transports guests to a picturesque beachside setting, embodying the beauty of a summer in Greece with its authentic Greek Mediterranean flavours.