Dubai Summer Surprises at City Walk and The Beach, JBR

Experience the Best of Dubai's Summer at City Walk and The Beach, JBR this DSS

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Dubai, UAE – July 2023 – Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is back, bringing 67 days of thrilling summer experiences to two of the city’s beloved retail destinations by Merex Investment – City Walk and The Beach, JBR. As the ultimate destination for living, working, and playing, Dubai sets itself apart once again with its city-wide program, promising an extraordinary summer for residents and visitors alike.

Running from June 29 to September 3, DSS will transform the city into an atmosphere filled with shopping, dining, delightful moments, and unforgettable experiences. City Walk and The Beach, JBR, two iconic locations in the city, are set to offer an unmatched array of activities and entertainment throughout the duration of the event.

City Walk, renowned for seamlessly integrating various lifestyle elements, including living, retail, F&B, entertainment, hospitality, and wellness, into one cohesive space, will be a vibrant hub of excitement during Dubai Summer Surprises. Visitors will be spoiled for choice with an extensive range of options.

From BOAZ’s diverse dining options to 3Kicks’ trendy sneaker collections, there will be ample opportunities for discovery and indulgence. Nature enthusiasts can embark on unique adventures at The Green Planet, while golf aficionados can find solace at GolfTec, a place catering specifically to their needs. City Walk promises to create a distinct sense of community and comfort for everyone.

Discover an extraordinary summer experience at The Beach, JBR, where over 70 local and international brands converge with special offers during Dubai Summer Surprises. Seek respite from the scorching heat at the Pavilion, The Beach, JBR’s sprawling 60,000 square feet oasis of thoughtfully designed comfort and temperature-controlled ambience for a refreshing escape from the summer sun.

Indulge in Signature Drinks, such as Hurricane’s Grill’s Long Island Iced Tea, La Mezcaleria’s Berry Rude cocktail, Claw BBQ’s giant Margaritas, Eataly’s classic Aperol Spritz, and Bla Bla’s Beachy Colada, adding a delightful culinary journey to your experience.

Additionally, Roxy Cinemas provides top-tier entertainment, ensuring a vibrant and enjoyable experience for all visitors at The Beach, JBR.

To explore the full range of the retail offers and culinary delights on offer, please visit and

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