Merex Investment Group is a Dubai-based joint venture that owns and operates a diversified portfolio of remarkable retail assets including City Walk, The Beach and La Mer.

The result of a strategic partnership between Dubai Holdings and Brookfield Asset Management, Merex serves as a dedicated platform to explore growth opportunities in the retail sector across the UAE and the broader region.

Chaired by industry experts, the Merex leadership team is rapidly revamping the business model, with the intent of raising standards, restoring tenant confidence, and laying the foundation for successful outcomes.

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Welcome to City Walk, an open design-inspired mixed-use lifestyle destination in Dubai. Set among 34 low-rise residential buildings, tree-lined avenues and a collection of contemporary street art murals, this iconic landmark is home to a range of exclusive stores, elite restaurants and leisure activities.

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The Beach is an urban destination that offers a breath of fresh air to city dwellers and gives visitors that ‘every day is a weekend’ feeling. Family champions and social butterflies are drawn to its beachside shopping, dining and outdoor lifestyle as well as its varied activities.

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La Mer is a world-class beachfront destination that offers the perfect escape for city-dwellers, social butterflies and the nightlife connoisseurs. Its pristine beach and contemporary design is home to a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants and offers a unique mix of lifestyle, entertainment and residential options.

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Merex Investment Group’s strategic investments and partnerships reimagine the way people experience the city. They re-engineer the way businesses interact with their customers and rethink the way urban spaces are designed to create clean sustainable happy spaces.

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